Wedding photography during the Covid Pandemic

What a year 2020 has been who had heard of Covid19 at the beginning of the year now, unfortunately, we are all fed up of hearing the word and the effect it has had on everyone’s life. People have lost loved ones, have not been able to see family and friends, people have lost their livelihoods, people’s mental health has been affected the list goes on and on.

How has the Covid pandemic affected the wedding photography industry?

Wedding photography has been affected as much as any business. The government’s decision to originally stop all weddings, then allow 30 guests later reduced to 15 and now stopped again till at least December has made this the worst year ever for photographing weddings.

I have had numerous weddings cancelled moved to new dates and still not sure if they will be able to take place on the new dates. One couple have rearranged their date three times so far and I am convinced they will not be allowed to have their wedding on the date they have at present.

Helping wedding couples to rearrange their wedding

This awful situation is the fault of no one and people should not be out of pocket. I have heard of suppliers in various parts of the wedding industry refusing to refund money that people have paid. Personally anyone who had booked their wedding photography with me I have just moved any money to the new date and I have also honoured the price that was agreed at the time even if the wedding was moved to another year. I would rather have a happy couple who recommend Philip Antrobus photography than make extra money out of the couple.

Photographing a wedding during covid

At the present time I have photographed three weddings during lockdown. Two with thirty people and one with fifteen. The strange thing for me was each one they could do certain things that they couldn’t do at another. This was not due to the government advice but more to do with the vicar or registrars. One thing that I thought was over the top and not breaking any rules was the registrars at one wedding not letting the two little flower girls walk down the centre of the aisle in front of the bride. They could have easily walked down well over two metres apart they had also been in the bride’s room all morning and one of the flower girls was the daughter of the bride.

How are hotels dealing with the pandemic?

I have photographed at the Richmond Hotel in Liverpool and also the Merewood Country House in the Lake District during the pandemic. Both hotels were observing all the guidelines, staff were wearing face masks, social distancing signs were clearly visible around the hotels, hand gel was in various places for people to use, tables, chairs etc were two metres apart and it was clear to see both hotels were doing as much as possible to prevent the spread of the disease.

Moving forward to 2021

Who knows what next year will bring. I don’t think we will ever go back completely to how it was before but lets hope things are a lot better for everyone in the new year.

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