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What do I love?  I love my family they are fab, eating out I love most types of food except salads and veg and yes I know they are good for you, Steak and chips followed by cheesecake is my all time favourite. I love cheesecake with a passion if it has fruit in it does it count as one of your five a day. Please say yes. Sport especially football and rugby league although supporting Liverpool and Widnes I often end up disappointed with the result, a nice glass of whisky normally helps to ease the pain a little. Random fact – I completed the London Marathon in 2006. Somehow don’t think I could do it now. In my dreams maybe I still could. Now you know a little about me let me know about your wedding, what you want from the day, the location, your dreams etc, any worries you may have. Let’s have a chat over a coffee and sit down to discuss your special day and give you the wedding of your dreams. 

Do you want your wedding to be unique? Of course, you do and so do I that’s why I work with you both to create exactly the images you want on your wedding day. We will sit down and have a good natter about your wedding and once the wedding is over will create an album that is unique to you using the best album design software there is. We know how expensive a wedding can be and we have wedding packages to suit all budgets and without breaking the bank.

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 Just give me a ring or send me an e-mail so we can discuss your wedding in more detail.

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Philip Antrobus

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